Project Leadership

Design Team & Facilitators

Our Design Team is comprised of a skilled group of professionals with combined experience developing curriculum for and teaching high school Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Computer Science and Computational Modeling.

Natalie Stassen

Current Teachers

Advisory Committee

A strong advisory committee helps shape our ongoing work. These committee members serve as critical friends, vetting relevant resources, providing critical feedback on course content and pedagogy, and guiding strategic decisions throughout the project.

Mark Hannum
American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

Dr. Fred Martin
CS Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Jadrion Miles
Computational Scientist/Mathematician, YouTube

Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi
Director Ethics Initiative,
MIT Media Lab

Dr. Aman Yadav
Educational Psychology,
Michigan State University

Uri Wilenski
Learning Scientist, CS,
Northwestern University

Alumni Teachers

These Science+C teachers participated in yearlong professional development, implemented units in their classrooms, and collaborated with the project Design and Development Team to refine the Biology+C, Chemistry+C, and Physics+C curriculum for wider implementation. Science+C is stronger thanks to their effort and input!

Natalie Stassen

Alyssa Tausevich