Online PD for Computer Science Teachers

EDC and University of Oregon research and implementation related to online professional development for the Exploring Computer Science curriculum will be featured in Computing in Science Engineering: Online Professional Development for High School Computer Science Teachers: Features that Support an Equity-Based Professional Learning Community (see pre-release article).

Authors Joanna Goode, Kirsten Peterson, Joyce Malyn-Smith, and Gail Chapman describe the grand challenge of the computer science (CS) for all education movement: the preparation of thousands of teachers with high-quality, accessible professional development (PD) that has evidence of improving teacher knowledge and pedagogical practices necessary to support the learning needs of diverse groups of students. While regional PD programs can provide in-person learning opportunities, geographic and time constraints often inhibit participation. This paper shares findings from an online PD program modified from the existing in-person Exploring Computer Science (ECS) PD program to provide teachers a facilitated online learning community model to support their first year teaching the course. The findings from this study have implications for future directions in the CS education field, indicating that this model of online PD, heavily based on shared experience among participants, can increase CS teachers’ confidence in adapting and delivering lessons designed to be engaging and accessible to all students.

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