Opportunity to Implement SCIENCE+C Pathway

Science+C enhances three core science courses: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, with computational modeling and simulation. Join our community of teachers to receive free Science+C courses and year-long professional development while participating in National Science Foundation research!

Participating in the Science+C program will enable you to introduce all your students to computing—and its relevance in science. Science+C activities teach students valuable skills in problem-solving by using and modifying computer models, and engage them with activities that build and reinforce their science learning at each step. As part of this group of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics teachers, you’ll participate in research activities and be part of a nationwide initiative to design cutting-edge curriculum that helps all students develop skills in computer science.

The Science+C Courses offer multiple benefits:

  1. The Science+C Pathway embeds computing skill development within the core science courses: BiologyChemistry, and Physics.
  2. Each course includes units on key science topicswhile building foundational computer modeling skills. Students learn to use and then modify computational models to explore science concepts and conduct “What if?” experiments to deepen their knowledge.
  3. Student materials will be provided online in digital format, can be used with Google Classroom, and are fully customizable to fit face-to-face, remote, and hybrid learning.
  4. No previous computational modeling experience is required! The project includes yearlong professional development (PD), by experienced Science+C teachers and co-designers, to prepare teachers to use best practices for integrating models and modeling into their science classrooms.
  5. For participating in the full PD activities, you will earn a stipend and 78 PDP hours. You will also have the option to enroll for graduate credits.
  6. Teachers and students will be important contributors to research on the curriculum, via knowledge and unit assessments that will be useful to teachers as well. You will receive a stipend for your research activities participation.
  • Participating schools will receive the courses, professional development and ongoing support for free.
  • Teachers will receive a stipend for their participation.