Receive free Science+C courses and year-long professional development while participating in National Science Foundation research

Science+C enhances science courses with computational modeling. Introduce all your students to computing—and its relevance in science! Teach them valuable skills in problem-solving by using and modifying computer models. Engage them with activities that build and reinforce their science learning at each step. Participate in a research project to measure the benefit to students.

The Science+C Courses offer multiple benefits:

  1. The Science+C Pathway embeds computing skill development within the core science courses: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  2. Each course includes units on key science topics while building foundational computer modeling skills. Students learn to create, innovate, and solve problems by using and modifying computational models.
  3. The computer modeling tool we use, NetLogo Web, was specifically designed for online use. Student materials will be provided online in Google Classroom, and are fully customizable to fit remote and hybrid learning.
  4. No previous computational modeling experience is required! The project includes yearlong professional development to prepare teachers to use best practices in online instruction and in integrating models and modeling into STEM classrooms.
  5. Remote support and professional development by experienced Science+C teachers and co-designers will be available during implementation of Science+C units.

Participating schools will receive the courses, professional development, and on-going support for free. Teacher participants will receive a stipend.

While not every school will receive the Science+C curriculum in the first year of the study, the “business as usual” schools will be helping to study the impact on students who do go through these enhanced science courses. The next school year, after the research study is over, these teachers will receive both the curriculum and the professional development.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Education Development Center (EDC) have partnered to bring this opportunity to MA high schools, with support from the National Science Foundation. The Science+C pathway is based on the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science and Science and Technology Engineering frameworks, and on the Next Generation Science Standards.

Space is limited!

Superintendents, principals, science coordinators/department chairs, and teachers, complete the application form to express interest in the program. The form is not a commitment; we will follow up to provide you with more information.